Having worked with some of the finest Italian shoemakers for decades, we’ve always been astonished by the compromise we face when slipping into something more relaxed. How come we spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on handmade footwear built to last, but as soon as the weekend arrives, force ourselves into sneakers that might look good - but fall apart within a season or two? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Sweyd sneakers are made in Florence by one of the oldest and most respected shoemakers in Tuscany. Better yet, all of the materials used to make them are sourced locally. From the classic soles to the premium calf leather and soft lining - our shoes are Italian, through and through.

You’ll find none of the usual shortcuts. No unnecessary textile or synthetic materials - the type of stuff that wears quickly and doesn’t let your feet breathe. What you will find are some of the finest sneakers around.

Comfortable, good looking, and one hundred percent free of compromise - your pair of Sweyd’s will serve you for a long time.